Superhero review

It happened that I am a big fan of superheroes, and my favorite superhero is superman. I decided to spend sometime writing a review about superman’s outfit. Well, after Avengers and other new movies that just came out lately about superheroes and super villains, I have noticed that the outfit of superman is kinda annoying me to the point that I do not want to watch any movie that his in. does it make sense that your favorite super hero is wearing a freaking Red Underwear, a freakish red brief, how is that will make him look any serious when his ultimate goal is actually to save and protect human race from any dreadful threat from outside or from the villains. I think producers need to rethink about this issue and try to come up with a better suit for Superman. I mean, we all know that superman is an alien, but this does not allow him to look ridiculously fool with his Red Underwear, I do apologize if I do mention the red underwear many times in here, it just makes me very angry and upset that Batman and Ironman have neat outfits and Superman decides to fool around with just his red underwear, perhaps to scare the villains, but I do not think it is the case here. Well I hope that in the upcoming movies they will try to change his outfit to proper one. It happened that I was listening to a geeky podcast discussing movies and Tv shows, I think it was a geeky podcast, and they actually mentioned the fact that they have to revise Superman’s suit, and this inspired me to write a review on my blog to attract more fans.